Dr Sid has been involved with mission work his entire career. He helped form the first trip for UNC dental students to treat orphans in Mexico while still in dental school. He has also been to Honduras and Nicaragua several times to educate adults and children and treat dental infections. Dr. Sid has also worked with the Baptist's Men's Dental Bus, a mobile facility that serves the underprivileged around the state.

Dr. Marcella and Dr. Sid have provided free care for Belarussian children through a special program in Granville County for over 15 years.

Dr. Marcella and Dr. Sid and staff participate in "Give Kids a Smile", a national day where free screenings and free care are provided for children in the community. Additionally they donate treatment to those in dire need through a program called Donated Dental Services.

Dr. Marcella and Dr. Sid also volunteer time and resources to evaluate products for the most reputable dental research group in the world, the Clinicians Report Foundation.


In 2010, Marcela, Sid, and their two sons traveled to Guatemala to help build a concrete block home for a family living in a "cornstalk house". The existing structure was cobbled together with twine, corn stalks, plastic roofing, tarps, with a dirt floor. Joining a team of "From houses to homes" volunteers, the Sockwells dug a foundation, mixed and poured concrete, mortared blocks, painted for seven days. The Guatemalan family assisted in carrying all the materials from the drop off point to the build site, and helped in construction, too. When the week was done, they had a concrete block home, with a poured concrete floor, a lockable door, window, solar sky light, waterproof roof, wood burning stove, bunk beds for the kids.

The Sockwells took this opportunity to distribute dental supplies and to treat local family's dental needs.


Each year the Sockwells bring dental supplies to Honduras. While there, they perform checkups, cleaning, and educate children and their parents on good dental health.